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New animator in here

2016-01-28 02:49:59 by ShutUpFlower

Hi to alll,


I'm new in this website. I'm currently in university where I'm majoring in animation. I hope everyone could help me and support my work by giving me feedbacks so I could improve. I will try to do more animation videos as I learn now.

Thanks ^^



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2016-01-28 08:22:54

Welcome! Ask anything :)

ShutUpFlower responds:

thanks ^^


2016-01-31 01:55:42

hey, welcome to the site ^^

ShutUpFlower responds:

Ohh thanks a lot


2016-03-15 18:37:29

welcome to NG!

i shall help you with reviews and voting.

feel free to PM me.


2016-05-01 16:37:27

I might be late but welcome to Newgrounds, you make pretty good animations and art, keep it up.